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Monday, June 02, 2003

SCO versus IBM and Linux


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-- Novell acquires Unix Systems Labs, holder of Unix source code and
patents for $332 million.

1994 --
Novell sells fully paid UNIX license to Sun for $81 million.

Nov. 6, 1995
-- Novell sells UnixWare to SCO for 6.1 million shares of SCO stock.

Jan. 26, 1995
-- Novell files 10-K Annual report outlining sale of UnixWare and
making it clear that it "...will continue to receive revenue
from existing licenses for older versions of UNIX System source code."

12, 1996
-- In 10-Q quarterly report it's clear that the
Unix Systems Group at Novell is still intact.

May 15, 1996
-- SCO files 10-Q and says, "In December 1995, the Company
acquired certain assets related to the UnixWare business including
the core intellectual property from Novell." No explanation can
be found for the month discrepancy insofar as sale is concerned and
no description of "core intellectual property." Claims it
bought the "UNIX business" from Novell.

June 4, 1996
-- Six month 10-Q report mention is made of transitioning Unix group
folks to SCO. Company continues to collect royalties for Unix. This
continues into future SEC filings too.

-- Caldera Incorporated.

-- Initial Public offering of Caldera stock.

23, 2000
-- First meeting between CEO of Caldera, Ransom
Love and CEO of SCO, Doug Michels to discuss a relationship between
the two companies.

Feb. 21, 2001
-- Caldera files S-4/A with SEC announcing intention to combine with
the "services and professional server groups" of the Santa
Cruz Operation. SCO will change its name to Tarantella and Caldera
will become the holding company Caldera International or New Caldera.
Caldera will be a division of New Caldera and SCO will be at the
bottom of the whole thing. The rationale for the deal appears to be
as a synergetic relationship, cost reduction, and immediate income
boost among other things. The document is very pro-Linux.

Feb. 27, 2002 --
Caldera International, then described as a Linux reseller, announces
the Darl McBride as new CEO. Previously he was president of online
planning for Franklin Covey. EX-CEO, Ransom Love stays with company
to promote UnitedLinux, a consortium incorporating SuSe and others
designed to compete with RedHat. Stock Price of Caldera is 60-70-cents
a share.

30, 2002
-- United Linux officially formed. Members
include Connectiva, SuSe, TurboLinux

26, 2002
-- McBride shows up at the 16th annual
Caldera/SCO forum where name change back to SCO was announced.
McBride wore black leather jackets, talked about Harleys and bottled
water. Asserted importance of Linux. Continued his opinions in this Malcom

23, 2003
-- LinuxWorld. IBMers "Linux: Coming of
Age", keynote by Steve Mills, Senior Vice President and Group
Executive, IBM. On same day Steve Solazzo hosts "Customer
Days" special event. Mills says something that ticks off McBride
according to McBride in another interview.

-- Caldera hires Boies,
Schiller and Flexner
to "research and investigate possible
violations of SCO's intellectual property." Actual date vague.

Jan. 29, 2003
-- 10K annual report filed with SEC asserts pro-Linux stance while
mentioning the drawbacks of fragmentation and first mention of
"concerns" over intellectual property rights underlying the
base Linux code. Stock Price $1.23. Now says 95-percent of revenues
comes from UNIX-related sales and service.

-- Company announces the filing of $1B lawsuit
against IBM, alleging contract violation. Says IBM was moving
patented and/or copyrighted UNIX code to Linux offering. Letter sent
to IBM giving company 100 days to comply or UNIX license for AIX will
be yanked. Says in SEC 8-K that suit was filed by Boies, Shiller .
Media reports indicate that superstar litigator David Boies will
represent company.

April 7, 2003 --
Company Files form SEC form S-3/A to sell 1 million shares currently
owned by shareholders for $1.28.In the document the company outlines
risks, including: "unintended consequences of our lawsuit
against IBM." Stock deal eventually falls through.

April 24, 2003
-- Caldera officially proposes to shareholders name change to SCO
Group, Inc.

2, 2003
-- SCO servers attacked. Press release issued May
6 outlining situation.

May 14, 2003
-- Files 8K with SEC outlining press release saying that it sent out
a letter telling large companies that they face action if they use
Linux code. Also company says it "Suspends distribution of Linux
pending intellectual property clarification." Other media
reports that letter was actually sent on May 12 and to 1500 companies.

May 19, 2003 --
WSJ reports that Microsoft buys SCO UNIX license and rights to an
undisclosed patent. Fee not disclosed. Other reports indicate the
license was bought by Microsoft on April 30..One report estimates
that Microsoft paid $10 million. Of note: Ed Iobucci of Citrix
Systems on the Caldera Board since 2000 has close relationship with Microsoft.

May 29, 2003
-- Reports emerge that Novell CEO Jack L. Messman challenged SCO
saying that "contrary to SCO's assertions, SCO is not the owner
of the Unix copyrights." The intellectual property always
belonged to Novell.





in LinuxWorld is a good place to start.

2. Steven
J. Vaughan-Nichols takes a

at the squabble with some unique and valuable insights and excellent
links to various stories and items. An interesting forum is attached.

3. Always
insightful Nick Petreley
his conspiracy theory

which he developed in some online forums. Within a few weeks other
writers were claiming the idea, with none crediting Petreley.




































and details of management were held from Jan 29 10K document and
filed as a separate "10K/A Amended Annual Report" on 2/28/03/.
It reveals that McBride was granted 600,000 shares of stock at an
option price of 78-cents. More interesting is the fact that this
document shows the actual ownership of SCO with some company called
the Canopy Group being at the top of the list with over 5 million
shares. It's headed by Ralph Yarrow. "Ralph J. Yarro III has
served as a member of the Company's Board of Directors since August
1998. Mr. Yarro has served as the President and Chief Executive
Officer of The Canopy Group, Inc. since April 1995. Prior to joining
The Canopy Group, Inc., he served as a graphic artist for the Noorda
Family Trust. Mr. Yarro holds a BA from Brigham Young University."

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Important dates leading to the current SCO lawsuits over Linux

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